Testimonials"I have Parkinson's disease and because of that my bowels don't move well. I have to eat this Good Morning every day or I get all messed up, just throws me completely off track. But, as long as I eat it every day I'm fine. It's real good to be regular!"  Merve Glick

"Trish here again. I have tried many many things to heal myself from my injuries but nothing has had the wonderful healing power as contained in your formula! I used to have to take Percoset, Oxeycodone, Xanax, Restoril, and a few others. I can say with enthusiasm.... No more meds!"  Terese Thompson

"My name is Trish Thompson from Mt Joy area. I thought I was disabled for life. Since the day I have used your GOOD MORNING cereal I began to become free of pain, the very first day! Anyone who has any understanding about health and healing needs to know about how this cereal can work miracles! The whole world needs to know how that it is full of life energy! DO not boil the cereal!"  Terese Thompson

"I'm young and healthy. I don't have any problems with digestion but I'm going to buy your cereal because I love how it cleans my system. After the third day I saw a boa constrictor floating in my toilet. It's the only thing I could think of to describe what I saw."  Greg W.

"I'm addicted to this cereal! I'm fussy and I like it. It's so good, I have to have it!"  Cathy B.

"I quit using deodorant because I like the aroma the fenugreek gives to the sweat glands. One day, after 10 hours of hard work, another employee came by my area and asked me what I had been doing all day because he smelled fresh baked bread."  Eric D.