About Good Morning Cereal

Good Morning CerealKingdom Creations has been making and selling GOOD MORNING cereal since 2004.  Located in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, our facility meets all safety and sanitary requirements according to the PA Department of Agriculture (Registration # W007836).

We are pleased to provide our customers with fast production and delivery of GOOD MORNING cereal.

Our Beginnings

At the age of thirteen, Silas Esch, founder of Kingdom Creations, was sent to the hospital.  After three days of testing, they did a spinal tap and found he had spinal meningitis of the brain.  He survived the operation and shortly after a friend of the family, Arthur Martin, heard of his plight and took the opportunity to explain the benefits of proper nutrition.  Arthur Martin experienced healing from spinal bifida through years of research and practice in healthy eating.

Arthur mentored Silas at great length in how and what to eat.  During that time Silas took a course in the well known longevity of the Hunza land people, their eating habits and culture.  He also learned the benefits of fasting and refraining from eating animal products.  Our GOOD MORNING cereal maintains the basic formula Arthur Martin used for hot breakfast every morning.

People Who Care

The Kingdom Creations story is more than the mechanics of production, delivery and service.  Kingdom Creations is made up of people who care. We produce a high quality product with people's health in mind!