There is a group of Mexican Indians that are long distant runners.  All they carry with them is a bag of chia seeds!

ChiaChia - This seed is amazing. It swells up to 10 times its size with a jelly like substance surrounding the tiny black seed. This gel provides the material to soften the scouring effects of the millet. It allows for easy, smooth flowing movements. It feeds the colon with soothing jelly. This slippery substance is cleansing and feeding. You'll be amazed how much easier your elimination time will be.
Chia seeds are used by a tribe of Mexican Indians for their long distance runners. These long distance runners carry messages back and forth to other Mexican tribes and all they carry for food is a small bag of chia seeds. They simply reach into their bag and grab a handful, put them in their mouth and keep on running!
Doctor Oz has been talking quite a bit on the benefits of this tiny black seed. It is the most expensive ingredient in the GOOD MORNING cereal and I am looking into sources for organic chia but so far they are just too expensive and I haven't found any chemical residue on the chia I am presently using so I will continue to use my present supplier until I find an organic chia seed that is fairly priced.